Wood Types Most Commonly Used for Handcrafted Furniture

Buying furniture is an investment, and choosing handcrafted furniture over mass produced pieces has many advantages. The quality, durability and beauty of handcrafted furniture simply can't be replicated by machines, and the pieces made with love by a skilled craftsman will stand the test of time and provide enjoyment for years to come. When selecting handcrafted furniture, you'll have to choose between the many wood types available, which can seem daunting. Furniture makers use a variety of different wood types for handcrafted furniture, and choosing the right wood for you depends mostly on your needs as well as your personal taste.

Types of wood used for handcrafted furniture

Handcrafted furniture is made of both hard wood and soft wood. Examples of hard wood include mahogany, oak and maple. Soft woods include cedar, spruce and pine. If you need durable furniture that will resist scratches and abrasion, choose a hard wood. For more decorative pieces, a soft wood may better suit your needs. Soft pine, for instance, gives furniture a rustic look, and the natural knots in pine add beauty and character to your handcrafted pieces. Hard oak, on the other hand, is a tougher and more moisture resistant wood. Oak is commonly used to create Mission style furniture and handcrafted Amish furniture.

You should also consider the color and grain pattern of different types of wood when choosing wood types for handcrafted furniture. Cherry and mahogany have a dark reddish tint, while birch and maple look lighter and often have a slight yellow tint. Wood with patterns in the grain will give your furniture a more complex look, and can add to the beauty of your handcrafted furniture. Curly cherry and ribbon mahogany both have beautiful natural patterns, which make these woods ideal for decorative pieces. If you want a less flashy piece, choose wood with a tight grain and an even finish, such as oak or straight grained maple. Finally, remember that though there are many different wood types for handcrafted furniture, one type isn't necessarily better than another. No matter what wood type you choose for your handcrafted furniture, you're sure to end up with a unique, high quality piece that will add natural beauty to your personal space.


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