The Art of Making Handcrafted Furniture.

The art of making handcrafted furniture cannot be taught or learned. It is an art that is an inherent part of an artist’s soul. Yes, you can teach a person to use a hammer and nail, and you can entrust a list of measurements and supplies, to a willing assistant, but you cannot expect a true piece of handcrafted furniture to blossom, from a piece of wood, without an extraordinary artist, envisioning its purpose and function.

Skill, patience and knowledge

True artistry will create handcrafted furniture pieces that are not only unique and beautiful; they will be functional and sturdy, as well. A handcrafted piece of furniture will likely be cherished, and passed down from generation to generation. Making handcrafted furniture requires skill, patience and knowledge. An artist that makes handcrafted furniture has the knowledge to know how to actually design and manufacture a piece of furniture, as well as the knowledge that is necessary, in choosing the type of wood, and other materials, that are used to create a specific, piece of furniture.

Knowing what type of wood is best suited to a certain piece of furniture, will not only enhance the actual “look” of the furniture, but will also ensure that the durability and function of the piece is met, as well. There is a plethora of building materials available to furniture makers, and there is an abundant amount of ways in which to use them. A true furniture “artist” will often mix and match many different types of materials, in order to bring their vision, of furniture to life.

It takes skilled hands and many hours of workmanship to create one simple piece of furniture. Making handcrafted furniture requires much patience and diligence, in order to work with natural materials, which often possess characteristics, which may be difficult to work with. It often takes a furniture artist many years of trial and error, to perfect the craftsmanship of his trade. Many changes and adjustments are likely to follow, due to demand, and the ever changing trends of design. To become a successful custom furniture maker, requires dedication and passion, for the art of furniture making.

Owning a hand-crafted, original piece of furniture is a privilege, which should be recognized. Know and understand that many hours of love and labor went into the creation of your piece of furniture, and you should cherished, enjoy and care for it for many years to come.

Are you looking for handcrafted wood furniture? Then Walker's Sawmill is the right place you! 

Walker's Sawmill is a traditional sawmill in Hopewell Junction, NY. We take pride in cutting wood the old fashioned way and we look for the odd piece of wood with knots to create the most beautiful benches and salon tables from. We also make custom made furniture such as tables or a bar. 

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