Good Woods for Handcrafted Tables

Your choice of wood for a handcrafted table should depend on the design of the table. Woods used in furniture have very different characteristics, and the kind of wood you use should complement the type of furniture and the intended use of the furniture. For example, some woods may look good on a dinner table or coffee table but not a picnic table. You should also consider what kinds of woods are easier to work with, as this will affect your progress. If you are an experienced woodworker you should be comfortable with most types of woods.

Good wood choices for handcrafted tables

Woods used in furniture are either hardwood or softwood. Hardwoods are more scarce and thus more valuable. Softwoods are comparatively cheaper to obtain but also tend to chip or dent easily. Handcrafted tables made from hardwoods will last longer.


Pine is a good material for a handcrafted table. The wood is not too expensive, and can be joined together rather easily for more width. A good belt sander can work miracles on joined pine wood pieces.


There are boards made of other woods that are also good for handcrafted tables. One is poplar boards. This material is cheaper than a lot of other woods, and it’s also harder and lighter than pine. If you want to highlight the color of the furniture, pine may be a good way to go with its creamy green hue. If you want to get a brown finish, you may opt for maple.

Cedar, White pine and Redwood 
If you’re making a table primarily for outdoor use, such as a picnic table, you may consider more robust woods such as cedar, redwood or white pine. Cedar is a good wood for use outdoors because of its resistance to insect damage and weathering. Cedar and redwood are both hard woods which means they can be left untreated without much damage. However, if you live in a region where these species of woods are not native, it may get quite expensive. White pine is another alternative for an outdoor table; it’s a softwood and may rot from the ground in certain climactic conditions. A good solution is to use concrete pavers.


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