Good Woods for Handcrafted Chairs

Depending on what kind of chair you wish to build there are a variety of woods you can choose from. Harder woods are known for being better suited for fine furniture. While softer woods have a reputation of creating some of the most comfortable chairs. The wood you choose will also influence the tools needed to create your masterpiece. Here are a few things about a variety of different woods for handcrafted chairs.

Rich in color and texture, many would think that mahogany is hard to come across. This is one of the few woods that is available all over the world and serves as the number one choice for creating handcrafted chairs.

Oak is typically known for its ability to withstand harsh conditions and last a lifetime. Most of its strength comes from its grain pattern. This pattern has the ability to prevent the wood from splitting. Commonly used to make handcrafted fine furniture, oak is almost immune to the shrinkage that other semi-woods constantly fall victim to. Oak is often split into two categories when it comes to choosing a wood for handcrafted chairs. The first one is red oak and the second one is white oak. If you are looking to create a chair that will withstand wear and tear, while maintaining much of its elegance then oak wood may be the route to take.

Possessing a similar grain pattern as oak, maple is known as the hardest wood that is available. Although its hardness can be a turnoff, maple contains a warm vibrancy that makes it suitable for handcrafted chairs. The majority of chairs created using maple add a undeniable glow to any room. Maple is a complex wood therefore, a lot of time and care should be used when creating chairs with maple.

Choosing the best wood for handcrafted chairs can be somewhat daunting. However all of these woods serve as great woods. If you are looking to create something a little more casual, then woods like cedar and redwood would work well. They are the oldest woods and some of the softest woods. Although they are commonly used to build lawn and deck chairs, the wood you choose depends entirely on your preference.


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