Good Woods for Handcrafted Benches

A wooden bench can create a feeling of intimacy, whether it is a parent and child sitting together and talking and creating memories that will last a lifetime or whether it is a couple falling in love, wooden benches are great seats to share. There are many places to put a bench. It could look great on a porch or deck so you can watch people or it can be in a garden or yard so you can be closer to nature you can’t really go wrong. However, choosing the right wood for handcrafted benches can be a difficult decision. It is important to choose a wood that not only looks good at your home but it should also be a design that is comfortable, and of course it should be a wood that will last for many years.

Redwood is a common wood for outdoor use. It is fairly expensive for a native wood, but it does have its pluses. Redwood isn’t susceptible to insects, it has a resistance to decay, and it is durable. The weather doesn’t cause shrinkage, warping, or cracking. Redwood has a bright color that can fade in the sun, and owners should be aware that it can stain light colored clothing. Handcrafted benches made of redwood are long-lasting as long as they have clear coat to help protect them.

Cedar is another fairly common wood for outdoor use. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and it does not rot. Cedar is also lightweight which can be an added benefit if you think you might move the bench fairly often for entertaining or to move inside during winter. Cedar is also a wood that can be painted or stained which makes it more likely to match other furniture or a house color which can be especially useful for handcrafted benches.

One thing to keep in mind with cedar is that it is a soft wood which makes it more likely to dent than some other choices. Because it is lighter wood it also has to be constructed with additional support in mind. Cedar requires annual maintenance in order for it to remain attractive. Without treating the wood it can turn gray and because it is softwood, if left untreated, the grain will be rough and uncomfortable.

Cypress is another wood that contains natural preservative that prevents insects and rot won’t ruin it. Cypress is durable and when left outside it won’t shrink or warp. Rain is repelled and the sun doesn’t damage it making it good choice for handcrafted benches. Although cypress benches can be stained or painted, they don’t need to be. Since there is little maintenance required, cypress is a great wood for outdoor handcrafted benches.

Handcrafted benches are great additions to any landscape or yard. Deciding on the appropriate wood is one of the most important decisions to make depending on how the bench will be used and how much time you want to spend on maintenance.

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