Beauty of Handcrafted Furniture

In this mass produced, throwaway world we live in, handcrafted furniture is a relative rarity. Furniture made of press board and synthetic materials have unfortunately become the norm. This is fine for those on a limited budget, but sometimes more class and style is desired, and nothing adds flair and distinction to a home like furniture made by hand.

Materials and craftsman ship.
Handcrafted furniture is very often made with native woods which can include maple, walnut, oak, cherry, mahogany and some of the harder pine woods. This furniture is expertly crafted using time-tested, traditional carpentry techniques. Unlike mass produced fare, only the highest quality craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail is employed when designing and creating this furniture.

Furniture made in this way emanates a beauty, a quality and an energy that is difficult to describe, but you definitely feel it when you are in the room with it, sitting on it or otherwise using it. Often the natural woods used seem to retain the spirit and the energy of the forests they came from. Even coated in stains or lacquer, the natural wood of this furniture has a fine and uplifting feel that is undeniable, unmistakable. These pieces also radiate the quality of the care and attention to detail that went into them, as well as a palpable connection with nature and things of the natural world.

A level of class, distinction and quality.
Bringing this energy into one's home results in an experience that is hard to describe or quantify. However, the owners of handcrafted furniture can definitely feel it, and it was likely what drew them to the pieces they took home. The vibration of the room actually seems to rise with the addition of this sort of furniture. A level of class, distinction and quality enters the home right along with the furniture, uplifting the energy of the space and all who enter it.

Often companies and individuals that specialize in making handcrafted furniture will also be open to your custom commissions. This can further personalize the furniture you buy and add a distinctive beauty to the pieces you create. You may even be allowed to help design your pieces and put your own personal flair, style and preference into each one.

Mix it up!

For those who cannot afford to outfit their home entirely with hand-made furniture, even the addition of one carefully selected piece as the centerpiece of a room or a residence can make an amazing difference. While your budget may be limited, an investment in handcrafted furniture is one that few people ever regret. The timeless beauty and elegance of furniture made by hand speaks for itself, and it will likely be kept in your family for generations to come.

Are you looking for handcrafted wood furniture? Then Walker's Sawmill is the right place you! 

Walker's Sawmill is a traditional sawmill in Hopewell Junction, NY. We take pride in cutting wood the old fashioned way and we look for the odd piece of wood with knots to create the most beautiful benches and salon tables from. We also make custom made furniture such as tables or a bar. 

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