Hard Rock Maple

Hard rock maple lumber may be one of the most difficult woods to work with, however it is also one of the most durable woods. The wood has many characteristics that make it perfect for home-based furniture, cabinets and decorative woodwork. Hard rock maple wood is very durable and has an excellent resistance to abrasion, indentation and shock. This makes it the perfect choice of wood for hard rock maple furniture because furniture tends to go through a lot of trauma. Hard rock maple lumber makes it better able to withstand this trauma.

Hard rock maple lumber is heavy, hard and strong. You don't have to worry about easy breaking or wearing down of this wood because it's built to last. The wood is so durable and resistant to damage that it's often used for cutting boards and counter tops. Hard rock maple lumber is close-grained, meaning the annual rings in the wood are closer together. This gives the wood a much more uniform texture that makes it very aesthetically pleasing.

Despite how durable hard rock maple lumber is, it ends up sanding to a beautiful, tight finish, making it ideal for hard rock maple furniture. If you want to make an elegant, long-lasting wood rocking chair, hard rock maple lumber is the only wood to choose. This wood will be sure to resistant and scratches or dents from accidents and can hold a large amount of weight.

Hard rock maple lumber is built to withstand pressure and collision. That's why it's the most common type of wood used to make bowling pins. You've never seen a bowling pin break, have you? Despite getting knocked down over and over by 10 pound marble bowling balls, hard rock maple lumber bowling pins hardly show any signs of damage. This is also why the wood is typically used for flooring in ballrooms and gymnasiums because it can handle all of the dancing in high-heeled shoes, basketballs dribbling and volleyball spikes you can throw at it. For the most durable wood out there, you have to get hard rock maple.

There are a few places that sell hard rock maple in the North East, and Walker’s sawmill is one of those places. The wood gathered at Walker's Sawmill are from trees that have fallen on their own. They are gathered throughout the Upper Hudson Valley. Over the years John Walker has developed a keen eye for the unusual wood with many natural characteristics that add a beautiful touch to the wood that he mills. That beauty is passed on to the objects made from his milled woods. The artistry of milling wood is accomplished on 100-year-old machines. If ever there was a definition for sustainable wood crafting it is Walker's Sawmill.

Please look around our website or call us for information on the wood that we offer for sale. At this point we stock:

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All our wood is air dry and could be used for coffee tables, benches, bar tops, mantels, flooring. 

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