Welcome to Walker's Sawmill

Walker's Sawmill is a traditional sawmill in Hopewell Junction, NY. Most of the machinery we use is almost one hundred years old. We take pride in cutting wood the old fashioned way and we look for the odd piece of wood with knots to create the most beautiful benches and salon tables from. 

All the benches and tables on this website are for sale. Please contact us at 845-223-3801 or send us an email and ask us about our special pricing on select pieces of furniture. We also make custom made furniture such as tables or a bar. Furthermore we sell unfinished product as well. 

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Wood and Furniture for Antique Wood Working Tools

I am in the process of creating an Antique Wood Working Tools Museum. To build my collection of Antique Wood Working Tools, I will trade Life Edge Wood Furniture and/or Wood with you. Please contact me today and let me know what antique tools you have. More...

About John Walker

John Walker has been a teacher for over thirty two years. The first fifteen years of his career were spent as a wood shop teacher and the next seventeen years as a middle school technology teacher.

John is now retired and can spend unlimited amount of time playing at the mill. His other passion is the time spent catching and raising turtles. Each bench proudly displays a wood branding of a miniature box turtle.