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Walker's Sawmill is a traditional sawmill in Hopewell Junction, NY. Most of the machinery we use is       almost one hundred years old. We take pride in cutting wood the old fashioned way and we look for the odd piece of wood with knots to create the most beautiful benches and salon tables from.

All the benches and tables on this website are for sale. Please contact us at 845-223-3801 or send us an email and ask us about our special pricing on select pieces of furniture. We also make custom made furniture such as tables or a bar. Furthermore we sell unfinished product as well.

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Wood and Furniture for Antique Wood Working Tools

I am in the process of creating an Antique Wood Working Tools Museum. To build my collection of
Antique Wood Working Tools, I will trade Life Edge Wood Furniture and/or Wood with you. Please contact me today and let me know what antique tools you have. More...

About John Walker

John Walker has been a teacher for over thirty two years. The first fifteen years of his career were spent as a wood shop teacher and the next seventeen years as a middle school technology teacher.

John is now retired and can spend unlimited amount of time playing at the mill. His other passion is the time spent catching and raising turtles. Each bench proudly displays a wood branding of a miniature box turtle.


A note from the artist himself: "The wood used comes from trees which have fallen naturally through - out the beautiful upper Hudson Valley. The benches are crafted following the natural curvature and  flow of the wood grain; and no two are alike."


The salvaged wood can be used for many different purposes. The below stairs are just one example of John Walker's ability to transform old into new.




About the Process

The logs range from twenty to thirty inches in diameter and can be as short as five feet or as long as sixteen in length. The log is then cut by a fifty-two inch circular saw.

Then, the wood is stacked to be air dried for a minimum period of one year for each inch of thickness. All pieces are either face jointed on either the twenty-four inch jointer or the twenty-five inch planer.  
A draw knife is then used to round the corners of the end grain and edges of the benches. They are 
then sanded for optimal smoothness by one hundred-twenty grit sandpaper.

Next, holes are bored through the tops in order to secure the legs. A peg is then secured into the surface with a an elm wedge. The one and three-eighth inch diameter pegs start off at 6 inches long,
are hand made by a lathe in order to ensure long lasting strength and durability.

Uniquely mounting the legs at a fifteen degree angle creates a functional and attractive bench.                                                                                                                                                                       

About the Tools                                                                                  

John Walker: "Over the years I have accumulated a collection of machines to make the wood shop I have today. I became interested in wood working when I took my first wood shop class in high school.  I bought my first machine in 1970 and it was a Sears Bench Saw. Little did I know I would become the wood shop teacher of the shop that I learned how to work with wood. Today, I use a set of machines which allow me to make the benches I've always wished to make."

Machines Used:

1920's Ireland sawmill to cut logs into workable pieces
1920 Porter 24" joiner to joint faces
1987 Northfield 25" planer to to make top and bottom surfaces parallel
1930's Blount lathe to make 1 3/8" dowels for benches
1947 Walker Turner drill press to bore holes into table tops and legs
1933 Yates American 16" table saw with a sliding table to cut the 15 degree angle on the legs.

Types of Wood Used:

Walkers' Sawmill uses a wide variety of lumber natural to the upper Hudson Valley such as:
Knotty Eastern White Pine, Wormy Ash and Ash, Black Walnut, Cherry, Catalpa, Hard Rock Maple, Poplar, Red Cedar, Butternut, Red and White Oak.



See how band saws are used in the wood cutting process at Walker's Sawmill.




Take a look at our 2010 winter bench collection.





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